People or items from the 80s that you are looking for:

If there is anybody from the 80s Mod scene that you would like to try to contact or any items such as memorabilia that you are looking for send me an email to [email protected]  and I will add your request to this page.

People or items from the 80s that you are looking for:

1) LOOKING FOR: Info and photos of Sterling Scooters in West Drayton, contact information for
any extras in Quadrophenia, photos that they might have of the film set etc. 

Also looking to contact Roy Page and Blinker.

CONTACT: Dave Wyburn; Email: [email protected]

2) LOOKING FOR: Does any one know the whereabouts of Jane Turner? She was formally of Runcorn, on the scene in the 80s.  I used to go out with her then. Me, her and sheila from Runcorn used to do all the scene then.

CONTACT: Lee Douglas; Email: [email protected]; Tel: 07906464687

3) LOOKING FOR: Pics of the punk scene around liverpool in the
80's or can put me in touch with those who may help? I am hoping to put
together a similar site to this site. I am trying to find pics of the punks who used
to hang around Probe records in the 80's. Difficult to find. Any help

CONTACT: Vince; Email: [email protected]

4) LOOKING FOR: There was a video made down by the the old Glasgow docks on the southside of the river Clyde about 1980 featuring all the Glasgow Mods.  I think it may have been instigated by the 'scene club' a Glasgow Mod club at the time.  Please let me know if anything turns up as I would be so interested.

CONTACT: Bill McCowie: Email: [email protected] AND [email protected]

5) LOOKING FOR: Pics of Mods from Glasgow in the
80s. April Prior is putting together a site similar to this site. The address of her site is: http://glasgowmods.spaces.live.com/

CONTACT: April Prior; Email: [email protected] AND [email protected]


6) LOOKING FOR: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Kieran Daly? He was a Mod in Cork in the 80s.  I think that he worked in Banta Global Turnkey in Cork.

CONTACT: 80sModRevival; Email: [email protected]

7) LOOKING FOR: Does anybody know the whereabouts of Murray Stewart?


CONTACT: Michael O'Kelly; Email:

[email protected]


8) LOOKING FOR: Anyone know the whereabouts of Andrea Gordon from Hersham? She went round with Anita Stinton and mods from Sunbury 82/83/84. She is featured on quite a lot of the photos on this site - I would love to know what she's up to now!


CONTACT: Ann Marie Cunningham; Email:

[email protected]

9) LOOKING FOR: Any photos of the winner of Best Vespa at the 1986 Scarborough CCI (Mod) Rally: Yellow Vespa P150X called "Where The Action Is"


CONTACT: Andy Hudson; Email:  [email protected]



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