'Our Generation'  book by tony beesley

'Our Generation' is the unique and very first account of the Punk generation of Sheffield and the local region told by the author and over 150 different and varied voices of the era. From the pre - Punk days and all the way through the summer of hate of 1977 Punk and beyond, the story takes in the many classic gigs, the clothes worn and searches for Identity, the groups formed and broken, the fans, the records, the violence and laughs along with many photos, flyers, rare tickets and memorabilia of the era. The books main focal point is the Punk explosion and its effect on the local youth, but also takes in Mod revivalists, 2-tone fans, New Romantics and passing anecdotes from some of the many well known Punk groups who have played at famous local venues such as Doncaster Outlook, Sheffield Limit club, Rotherham Windmill and Sheffield Top Rank. Meetings with some of the most noted Punk generation musicians such as Joe Strummer, Paul Weller and Sid Vicious are also refreshingly told by fans in their own words.
        This story is about a time of euphoric excitement and life changing experiences when a proportion of our local youth cast caution to the wind and found themselves in the middle of the most explosive, controversial and influential musical revolution since pop music began...this is Sheffield's experience of that time...the story of 'Our Generation'
The book is 444 pages and full of many fantastic Rare and exclusive photographs from private collections, along with countless unique memories and experiences from those who were there at the time. Includes words from Charlie Harper (UK Subs), TV Smith (The Adverts), Jo Callis (The Rezillos) and many more musicians, fans, Punk Rockers, Mod Revivalists, New Romantics and Post-Punk fans. No corporations involved…this is a 'Do it yourself' Punk Rock production and the very first of its kind!
Our Generation: The Punk and Mod Children of Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster 1976 – 1985
                                         Words from those who have read it so far!
Great stuff, a must for anyone who was there of course; but also a good insight into the whole era. I thoroughly enjoyed it! (Arturo Bassick – Lurkers/999)
Fascinating reading and a right trip down memory lane (Jo Callis – Rezillos)
I love the book. Such passion! (Tim Downes – TV Smith/The Adverts website)
A true Punk Rock book: Honest, vibrant and passionate. Highly recommended – my book of the year so far (Phil Singleton - God save the Sex Pistols site)
As more and more Punk tomes cram the shelves, it’s books like this, telling of the experiences of ordinary kids miles away from the King’s Road, that are proving to be the most interesting and revealing (Shane Baldwin – Record Collector magazine)
Captures the spirit of an era totally spot on; A great read- (Micky Geggus - Cockney Rejects)

Brought back some vivid memories. A top book   (Jeff Turner -Cockney Rejects)

It really made me smile and when I finished it, it was a satisfying feeling. (Michael Day – Sheffield Punk and singer with Sheffield Post-Punk group Tsi-Tsa)
Beesley’s enthusiasm is infectious (Rachael Clegg – Sheffield Telegraph)
A real labour of love, a huge amount of work must have gone into it. I like the fact that people get to speak who maybe weren't in bands or were but their bands never made it, and also how the music and attitude influenced their lives  (Richard Chatterton – Rotherham Punk Rocker)
It's brilliant, well done (Alyn Currie – Punk Rock Posters website)
It pulls you in from the very first paragraph. I can’t recommend this book enough! (Sally Burton – South Yorkshire Times)
It is AWESOME!!! For those hours of reading sessions I am back there....Thanks for doing this book and giving me something I can hopefully use to explain one day to my grandkids what all the fuss was about (Wayne Kenyon – Doncaster Punk/Skinhead and musician - Skin-Deep/Monte Carlo Safecrackers)
I have to say its bloody brilliant! This book is essential. (Duncan Payne – Sheffield Post-Punk fan and football author)


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