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Hello to everyone out there. I think you "might" have heard of me before.
Irish Jack is the name, Quadrophenia is the game.

I'm desperate for any recorded footage, visual preferred, taken at the Who's gig at the Cork Marquee when Pete Townshend spoke on stage about me. There were three different references to me during the show. If memory serves me right the first was immediately after Real Good Looking Boy (a song about Elvis) and Pete said "that was Real Good Lookin Boy' and definitely not about Jack Lyons!' The longest one was I think just before Pete dedicated 'Drowned' from Quadrophenia to me after he had spoken about me, his grandfather being born in Cork and how he was distantly related to Michael Collins. The third one was when Roger was saying good-night and God bless "and don't forget to look after your postman"

Did anyone who was at the show happen to picture mobile or camera video any of the above mentioned bits? I would be extremely grateful to anyone who might contact me if you or a contactable friend has anything relating to the above. Thank you all for keeping up the great spirit of scootering. Jimmy Cooper would have been proud of you...in fact, I am !

Irish Jack

If you want to get in touch with Irish Jack his email address is: [email protected]



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